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I know here at MDIB we talk a lot of smack about the shitty things that exist in Pakistan.  The story I’m going to share with you guys is not only not shitty, it’s one of bravery, patriotism and sacrifice.  15 year Aitzaz Hasan tackled a suicide bomber and saved 2000 young lives in the Hangu region of Pakistan.   This young man saw the bomber from afar in a vest with bombs and leaped to stop him but unfortunately lost his life to save others.  Sacrificing your life to save others is the ultimate gift you can give.  While in the US and other progressive countries 15 year old’s are cutting school, playing with their X-box or too busy googling over their female classmates, this young man had the courage to do something even most adults would think twice of doing.

May he rest in peace and I hope to God that the government of Pakistan recognizes him as the true son of Pakistan and award his sacrifice.  This hero deserves the medal given out to soldiers in the Pakistani military for their bravery, it’s called Nishan-i-Haider.  His mother raised a great young man who is gone in physical existence but who’s sacrifice has touched millions around the world.  May his family find much love and peace.  He is definitely our hero.

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