Step aside Saudi Arabia, we have another Muslim nation that wants to outshine your morality, Indonesia.  Since they are an advanced nation and have recently landed on the moon (so I lied), Indonesia has decided to come up with their own answer to Miss World Beauty contest…it’s called Muslimah World Beauty pageant.  In the latter beauty pageant, it’s not about being attractive on the outside, but on the inside and how pious and moral are you to lead a balanced spiritual life in a modern world.

The entire concept of beauty pageant’s is about a woman’s physical looks.  Miss World beauty contest was not based on any religion, it’s based on beauty hence the word beauty in it’s name.  I think this might be the “real” solution to all the problems in the Muslim world, teach your women to be holy and pious but wait women aren’t the troublemakers in the Muslim world, the men are.  So shouldn’t this contest be done for men instead of women?  It should be called “Good Musilman contest”, I’d pay to see it.  I’m not a fan of pageants, but the lack of freedom that most women experience in the Muslim world needs to come to an end.  Women are very capable of making decisions for themselves and my morals are my business and no one else’s.  To judge me based on that would be simply put idiotic since there is no man or woman walking this earth without sin. That’s all…

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