The objective with our posts is always to enlighten and entertain without sounding like a broken record.  So here we go again in Pakistan.  A mother of two was stoned to death in Pakistan for something so mundane that it will make you throw up your burrito.  She was stoned to death for possessing a cell phone!  No I’m not making this up although it might make for a good sketch about ignorance.  Arifa Bibi was ordered to be stoned to death by a tribal court and her uncle and cousins were active participants in her killing. Of course this is all done in the name of “Islam” when anyone with a half a brain knows that is not the case.

Folks living in the West, myself included, sometimes forget how good we have it until we read awful news such as this one to be reminded of our good fortune.  Even if we hate our day jobs, our co-workers smell of fart and no matter how much our boss is a total jack ass, being members of a free society are utterly….priceless! Time for some perspective..

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