I know the title of this blog is a bit deceiving.  You would think that I was speaking of rape but I’m actually talking about infanticide.  It’s come to the world’s attention that Karachi, the southern city of Pakistan, is struggling with infanticide that is causing the death of several baby girls.  As a girl myself, I can tell you this is not only heartbreaking but an insult to womanhood.  In one of the poorest neighborhoods (Haryana colony) in Karachi, a young woman named Zaitoun described every mother’s worst nightmare.  Two days after her daughter’s birth, her husband had killed the baby whose body was later found in a dumpster by a welfare ambulance.

This is beyond horrid! You ask why was the baby girl killed? In the Pakistani culture, girls are considered a burden and unlucky since they can’t be money earners like boys.  China is going through a severe shortage of women since they practiced infanticide for a long time as well.  This is to be blamed on sheer ignorance, no knowledge of contraceptives, poverty and an incompetent government that fails to protect it’s most vulnerable.  Killing baby girls now will only result in an imbalance of gender population down the line.  The Pakistani men and religious leaders love fucking girls and sometimes even boys (goats as well, don’t get me started) but don’t want anymore of them coming into the world?!?  I think this might be the perfect solution for the much needed population control when 20 years from now there won’t be enough girls for marriage, resulting in girls with multiple husbands (who needs heaven) and gay boys parading around the city.  Just imagine…

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