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They say sex, money and religion makes the world go round…well that certainly is the case for this young 21 year old Tunisian girl who’s husband took her to Syria to “service” the anti-regime fighters to relieve their pent up sexual frustration. This was per a fatwa issued by none other than a Saudi imam, Sheikh Muhammad al-’Arifi, that doing so would guarantee her eternal salvation.  How is it if an imam says it’s okay to prostitute yourself in the name of religion its considered completely legit but if a woman does it to pay her bills and not beg anyone for money it’s considered prostitution? God knows the Kardashian’s have done extremely well for themselves in this line of work.  Their imam is their mom, Kris Jenner, who is an evil genius with a cold piece of stone in place of a heart which is very much like Sheikh Muhammad al-’Arifi.

It isn’t shocking that many girls like this 21 year old are returning from Syria with unwanted pregnancies and even AIDS. In what book of humanity is that considered logical and moral? We all know it’s not.  If the Sheikh is so concerned about the young fighters sexual frustration in Syria, perhaps he could ‘service” them himself.  It will definitely provide him the eternal salvation he so desperately needs.

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One Response to F*** me till you get to heaven!

  1. aroosa says:

    well well i have to agree…if guys dicks are on fire how will they fire to the right target. they will be holding it in their hands and firing at themselves..perfect solution. provided woman to fuck to no end both go to janet here and there

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