India is the largest democracy in the world and yet in the 21st century they face a major dilemma.  You ask what the dilemma is.. is it corruption? No. Is it poverty? No. Is it Bollywood? No. Umm..homosexuality? Yes.  Two men or women kissing and banging each other apparently is a HUGE dilemma for India.  The Indian government says it’s illegal to have gay sex?  Say what?  I think what should really be illegal is 50 year old male actors in Bollywood playing college students. Now that calls for some serious action.  Corruption to a point where the poor can’t even afford shoes and are being crushed under the thumbs of rich fat politicians who could care less about their own people.  Now that should be illegal.  Two dudes wanting to bang each other in peace, that’s a no brainer.  They only give love to get love.  Indian government could learn a lesson or two in tolerance.  I say to the Indian government, don’t knock it until you try it.

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