I know the title of this blog is a bit deceiving.  You would think that I was speaking of rape but I’m actually talking about infanticide.  It’s come to the world’s attention that Karachi, the southern city of Pakistan, is struggling with infanticide that is causing the death of several baby girls.  As a girl myself, I can tell you this is not only heartbreaking but an insult to womanhood.  In one of the poorest neighborhoods (Haryana colony) in Karachi, a young woman named Zaitoun described every mother’s worst nightmare.  Two days after her daughter’s birth, her husband had killed the baby whose body was later found in a dumpster by a welfare ambulance.

This is beyond horrid! You ask why was the baby girl killed? In the Pakistani culture, girls are considered a burden and unlucky since they can’t be money earners like boys.  China is going through a severe shortage of women since they practiced infanticide for a long time as well.  This is to be blamed on sheer ignorance, no knowledge of contraceptives, poverty and an incompetent government that fails to protect it’s most vulnerable.  Killing baby girls now will only result in an imbalance of gender population down the line.  The Pakistani men and religious leaders love fucking girls and sometimes even boys (goats as well, don’t get me started) but don’t want anymore of them coming into the world?!?  I think this might be the perfect solution for the much needed population control when 20 years from now there won’t be enough girls for marriage, resulting in girls with multiple husbands (who needs heaven) and gay boys parading around the city.  Just imagine…

AitzazOur Hero


I know here at MDIB we talk a lot of smack about the shitty things that exist in Pakistan.  The story I’m going to share with you guys is not only not shitty, it’s one of bravery, patriotism and sacrifice.  15 year Aitzaz Hasan tackled a suicide bomber and saved 2000 young lives in the Hangu region of Pakistan.   This young man saw the bomber from afar in a vest with bombs and leaped to stop him but unfortunately lost his life to save others.  Sacrificing your life to save others is the ultimate gift you can give.  While in the US and other progressive countries 15 year old’s are cutting school, playing with their X-box or too busy googling over their female classmates, this young man had the courage to do something even most adults would think twice of doing.

May he rest in peace and I hope to God that the government of Pakistan recognizes him as the true son of Pakistan and award his sacrifice.  This hero deserves the medal given out to soldiers in the Pakistani military for their bravery, it’s called Nishan-i-Haider.  His mother raised a great young man who is gone in physical existence but who’s sacrifice has touched millions around the world.  May his family find much love and peace.  He is definitely our hero.

The Council of Islamic Ideology Pakistan also known as Islami Nazaryati Council recently announced that human cloning and sex change surgery are illegal (haraam) in Islam.

The resolution was made in the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad, and a session under Maulana Muhammad Khan Sheerani.  Side note about Sheerani, he’s a known member of the Taliban but that’s nothing to be concerned with.  During the press conference Maulana Muhammad Khan Sheerani chose to discuss topics related to sex and procreation. He discussed human cloning, test tube babies, sex change surgery and saving mother’s milk in a milk bank…very much like a blood bank.  They might be running out of cows.

The Council of Islamic Ideology is a constitutional body established on August 1, 1962, is responsible for giving legal advice on Islamic issues to the government of Pakistan and the parliament. The chairman said test tube babies were allowed within certain conditions but chose not to specify what those conditions would be.  Maybe if  test tube babies in Pakistan decide to hold the government hostage in which case test tube babies would be banned.  He also added that gender selection was not prohibited in Islam as long as it stayed inside the limits of shariah.  When Islam came into existence there were no test tube babies or gender selection options so logically shariah has no authority to dictate an individual’s choice living in modern times.  I personally think the government has their eyes and noses too deeply buried in boobs and vagina’s.  Thank you Council of Islamic Ideology for letting us know where your head’s really at.  Pun absolutely intended.



Most of our readers know how we feel about Saudi Arabia and the hypocritical existence of their monarchy.  It never comes as a shock to me when Saudi men behave in ridiculous ways but this story really boiled our blood.  A few innocent Saudi women in the eastern city of Dhahran, all covered up, were harassed by a bunch of coward a-holes in a parking lot. These men clearly forgot that the very gender they were disrespecting is the reason they even exist in this world.  In the 21st century to harass women and treat them worst than an animal simply requires a few things that these men need to do:

1) Get a good kick in the ass and get thrown in jail for a month

2) Take a year long course in respecting women other than your mother and be required to take a test at the end of the course.  If you fail you must repeat the course for two years.

3) If they refuse to do #1 & #2 then they should be required to suck a bag of dicks.

Watch this awful video.



India is the largest democracy in the world and yet in the 21st century they face a major dilemma.  You ask what the dilemma is.. is it corruption? No. Is it poverty? No. Is it Bollywood? No. Umm..homosexuality? Yes.  Two men or women kissing and banging each other apparently is a HUGE dilemma for India.  The Indian government says it’s illegal to have gay sex?  Say what?  I think what should really be illegal is 50 year old male actors in Bollywood playing college students. Now that calls for some serious action.  Corruption to a point where the poor can’t even afford shoes and are being crushed under the thumbs of rich fat politicians who could care less about their own people.  Now that should be illegal.  Two dudes wanting to bang each other in peace, that’s a no brainer.  They only give love to get love.  Indian government could learn a lesson or two in tolerance.  I say to the Indian government, don’t knock it until you try it.

sexy burqa

They say sex, money and religion makes the world go round…well that certainly is the case for this young 21 year old Tunisian girl who’s husband took her to Syria to “service” the anti-regime fighters to relieve their pent up sexual frustration. This was per a fatwa issued by none other than a Saudi imam, Sheikh Muhammad al-’Arifi, that doing so would guarantee her eternal salvation.  How is it if an imam says it’s okay to prostitute yourself in the name of religion its considered completely legit but if a woman does it to pay her bills and not beg anyone for money it’s considered prostitution? God knows the Kardashian’s have done extremely well for themselves in this line of work.  Their imam is their mom, Kris Jenner, who is an evil genius with a cold piece of stone in place of a heart which is very much like Sheikh Muhammad al-’Arifi.

It isn’t shocking that many girls like this 21 year old are returning from Syria with unwanted pregnancies and even AIDS. In what book of humanity is that considered logical and moral? We all know it’s not.  If the Sheikh is so concerned about the young fighters sexual frustration in Syria, perhaps he could ‘service” them himself.  It will definitely provide him the eternal salvation he so desperately needs.



The objective with our posts is always to enlighten and entertain without sounding like a broken record.  So here we go again in Pakistan.  A mother of two was stoned to death in Pakistan for something so mundane that it will make you throw up your burrito.  She was stoned to death for possessing a cell phone!  No I’m not making this up although it might make for a good sketch about ignorance.  Arifa Bibi was ordered to be stoned to death by a tribal court and her uncle and cousins were active participants in her killing. Of course this is all done in the name of “Islam” when anyone with a half a brain knows that is not the case.

Folks living in the West, myself included, sometimes forget how good we have it until we read awful news such as this one to be reminded of our good fortune.  Even if we hate our day jobs, our co-workers smell of fart and no matter how much our boss is a total jack ass, being members of a free society are utterly….priceless! Time for some perspective..



Step aside Saudi Arabia, we have another Muslim nation that wants to outshine your morality, Indonesia.  Since they are an advanced nation and have recently landed on the moon (so I lied), Indonesia has decided to come up with their own answer to Miss World Beauty contest…it’s called Muslimah World Beauty pageant.  In the latter beauty pageant, it’s not about being attractive on the outside, but on the inside and how pious and moral are you to lead a balanced spiritual life in a modern world.

The entire concept of beauty pageant’s is about a woman’s physical looks.  Miss World beauty contest was not based on any religion, it’s based on beauty hence the word beauty in it’s name.  I think this might be the “real” solution to all the problems in the Muslim world, teach your women to be holy and pious but wait women aren’t the troublemakers in the Muslim world, the men are.  So shouldn’t this contest be done for men instead of women?  It should be called “Good Musilman contest”, I’d pay to see it.  I’m not a fan of pageants, but the lack of freedom that most women experience in the Muslim world needs to come to an end.  Women are very capable of making decisions for themselves and my morals are my business and no one else’s.  To judge me based on that would be simply put idiotic since there is no man or woman walking this earth without sin. That’s all…

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Ah yes….you’re at it again Saudi Arabia.  In a recent turn of events (because the Saudi government has nothing better to do with their lives) went after a poor 75 year old widow, Khamisa Sawadi,  and have ordered for her to receive 40 lashes because get this…she let two men in her house for chores.  Apparently getting help, which is a humane act, is a crime in Saudi.  After all they have a moral police to guard everyday citizens behavior because the Saudi Royals are holier than thou…also their shit don’t stink and they have a huge moral rod up their ass.

Saudi royals have always disgusted us…and this is another prime example why our disgust is absolutely justified.  Hey Saudi, can’t wait for you to run out of oil! Enjoy it while it lasts…



Most of our blog readers know that we are not big fans of the very douchey Saudi Arabia and it seems like we are not alone.  A Saudi brother who’s also a Saudi Prince, Prince Khalid Bin Farhan Al-Saud, who stands for justice, has finally spoken against the Saudi rulers.  He had the courage to defect from the tyranny and reveal to the world how their greed and personal interests come before the very people they rule and the religion they claim to “defend”.  What I would love to have next is a Saudi princess defect and get knocked up by a rapper and pose for Playboy.  Dreams do come true!

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