Mona Shaikh (Founder of MDIB)-  A tomboy who grew up with four older brothers and as the only girl in the family, knew her passion and purpose in life at the age of 8. With half her life spent in a prominent conservative Muslim household, and the second half lived as an independent woman immersed in American entertainment and culture, Mona has a unique perspective on the contrast and conflicts between both worlds. Her sense of humor integrates her unique perspective on religion, sex, politics and her personal life experiences into a blend that is all her own. You can learn more about her by going to MonaShaikh.com.

Leslie Andrew Ridings (Co-writer/Director)-  A Los Angeles native and hopeless romantic, Leslie Andrew Ridings is an award-winning writer/director and visual artist. A graduate of the University of Southern California, Leslie is deeply superficial, obsessed with aesthetic and driven almost entirely by vanity. His guilty pleasures include coffee, melodramatic love songs and attempting to better our species’ individual fortunes with art.

Mr. Freedom (Blogger)-  A Karachi University graduate. In the last 5 years of his professional life he has been rigorously writing on an array of topics such as travel, education, fashion, motivation, media and entertainment, lifestyle and tourism. He currently resides in Karachi, Pakistan and is eager to bring his daily experiences to the MDIB blog.

Romulus Marshall (Blogger)-  Romulus Marshall was born in Pakistan and moved to suburban New Jersey at the age of 6.  After many years of being tormented and bullied by other children due to his race and his accent, he began to use words as his outlet.  Writing poetry, song lyrics, blog posts, and eventually entire screenplays led to obscure acting gigs in the New York “background” scene as well as with underground improv and sketch comedy troupes . Living the corporate life working in entertainment and media fills up his days while providing social commentary on the plight of Muslims, especially Pakistanis, fills his nights.  His blend of sarcasm, timing, and dead-pan approach comes from his traditional roots coupled with his not-so-traditional path in life.

We are always searching for people around the globe that would like to contribute their blogs/articles/stories/videos/images to our website. Since we are a fairly new website and still growing, these contributor positions are unpaid but may turn to paid positions as the site grows. We would like to promote your name and articles as much as we can. If you are interested, please contact us.

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