Culturally progressive comedy, because Muhammad said its ok to laugh. We believe that behind every Muslim man there’s a Muslim woman in a burka…laughing her ass off.

This site is not about making a political or religious statement but only an artistic one. We believe that the taboos and hypocrisies that currently plague the Muslim world are not only idiotic/moronic/ridiculous but also funny and it is our belief that laughing at ourselves is the best medicine to ease the pain and suffering brought upon by Muslims and non-Muslims alike in the name of dogmatic religious beliefs. Our objective is to show that Muslims actually can laugh at themselves and need the same things as folks of any other faith, love, laughter and the freedom to live as they wish. We are not all terrorists, dictators, rich Saudi’s who inherited oil and never worked a day in their lives, or intolerant/ignorant morons who wish to dominate the world through Sharia Law. We believe in all religions and if God is Love then religion must preach love not hate and differences.

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